Accordionista, Talker & Curator ov Eyeballs

Dylan M. Blackthorn can be found in many places throughout world history. He is the keeper of the Quantum Wrench and has traveled back and forth on the roads of time, endlessly searching for members of the 999 Eyes, which he founded in 5 BC, 1850 and again in 2004 with Samantha X and Thee Lobster Girl based on a series of dreams and curious coincidences. Visions of Spiders and Eyeballs in his head brought him into the sideshow world, where he learned the art of the Human Blockhead form Herbie Hatman in the remote wilderness of northern California.

Soon, he was on the road aquisitioning pickled punks, and 2-headed animals for the 999 EYES Museum ov Mutantstrosities, and meeting with famous showmen such as Bobby Reynolds, John Strong, Jim Zajicek, and David Apocalypse. Along the way, he became a "jack-of-all-trades", painting banners, fixing cars, and performing the other unsavory jobs of the showman, such as collecting eyeballs with his patented "Eyeball Extractor" from unwitting audiences around the country.

Before joining the sideshow world, D. M. Blackthorn has been working with various folks in a collectivist structure putting on free, all ages parties for over 10 years, including GEEKFEST, LIBERTATIA, Pyrate PunX Picnics, S.P.A.Z., and the Autonomous Mutant Festival. D. M. Blackthorn has worked as production assistant for the record labels S.P.A.M. Records Collective, KatabatiK Meta Communications Platform, and PLAGUE WATER brewing collective, as well as booking a few shows on the side.

Former member ov bands the dreaded ACCORDION PLAGUE, thee HOBO GOBBELINS, SOUR MASH HUG band, DAY of the ZOMBIE, ORCUS, and CLAN OV THE BLEEDING EYE; as well as performance art troupes INTERNATIONAL MAGGOTT THEATRE, the BOB WIERDOS, and Dr. LEOPOLDS MULTI-FORM CABINET. D.M. Blackthorn is a volunteer with the Black Rock City DPW (Department of Public Works) as a metal artist and grunt worker at the Burning Man event.