the Modern-Day Elephant Man

Ken "Peg-O the Leg-O" lives with a genetic condition known as Neurofibro-matosis, or NF for short. He lives with little lumps and bumps all over his body, from the tip of his head to the tops of his toes. Pegleg's story is an inspirational triumph over adversity.

Born in 1895, inflicted with the genetic disorder NF to the point of having one leg removed, Pegleg traveled the freakshow circuit. He stayed on until 1935 when scientists, whose goal it was to kill the freakshow for social control, stole him from the midway to experiment on and study him to prove that his condition was that of a sick human and not of a Fabulous Freak... because funding for the project was cut they decided to freeze him until more funds could be obtained. The funding never came and Poor Pegleg was forgotten...

Until one day a kindly showoman snuck into the basement of a medical anomalies laboratory. Her initial goal was to obtain a two-headed baby for her show, but it was there that she then discovered the man frozen. After defrosting Pegleg she set out to help him in his mission of revenge on the scientists who are still trying to destroy the freakshow Museum ov Mutantstrosities by institutionalizing, exploiting and abusing freaks for medical answers and experimentation...

Peg-O the Leg-O is “Eye-Live”, living and breathing, on stage in our show and on the inside of the 999 EYES Museum ov Mutantstrosities, or at the door taking tickets. As seen on T.V. in National Geographic’s “Taboo”, Channel 7 news El Paso, and in Hollywood

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