Lost in the Woods?

Available only by special arrangement.

When you see this man, when you look up into his kindly steel gray eyes, you will think to yourself many things. He towers seven feet and three inches above most of the population if the world. And the stories he has to tell! Alas, as we found him, Erik has wandered off from the 999 EYES, to return to his woody home and enjoy it while it lasts (before it is clear-cut).

The Gentle Giant joined the 999 Eyes Sideshow on our 2006 Fall tour. The 999 EYES found the fellow waltzing around in the forests of Oregon while hunting for the elusive carnivorous fanged wood squirrel rumored to be living in the forests in or around Eugene, Oregon.

Undaunted by the film crews from National Geographic, Erik the Gentle Giant joined us the following night for the second show of our tour at Batty's Funhouse in Portland, OR, where he waltzed for the first time with the Dame Demure, Madame Miniature (pictured together to the left).

Erik the Gentle Giant is “Eye-Live”, living and breathing, on stage in our show only by special arrangement.As seen on T.V. in National Geographic’s Taboo, and in Hollywood.

Photo by friends of the 999 EYES 2005

Photo by 999 EYES 2006