aka thee Ambidexterousity

Available only by special arrangement.

Here is a man born with one hand greatly engorged over the other. They say he is deadly in a fight, but he prefers the peaceful life of an artist. His name is Greg Allan, and he is a creator of large format photo realist paintings.

Greg Allen's Mother suffered from acute phobia during her pregnancy. Her phobia was of curious, and some say dubious origin... for she was terrified of one of the most benign images known in western mythology. Familiar, comfortable (to most), yet to her, a frightening specter from beyond, powerful and eville beyond words: The Pillsbury dough boy.

Scientists speculate that this trauma created a maternal impression causing Greg's hand to be inflicted with congenital lymphedima. Greg's condition produced the ambidextrous ability of his hands which has contributed to his phenomenal talent of photo realist paintings.

Thee Ambidexterousity shares a condition that has been exhibited by many fabulous freaks of old.

Photo by friends of the 999 EYES 2005

Photo by 999 EYES 2005