Jackie of All Trades

The Queen of The modern freakshow!
-Black Scorpion

Although no longer a member of the 999 Eyes, Jackie's legendary performances with our troupe keep the Surreal Sideshow moving forward, always with Jackie's beautiful voice singing songs in our hearts and leading us further down the road.

* * * * *

Jackie ov All Trades was born with one short leg, and she was running around on all threes when most kids were on all fours. She ran with wild dogs in the wilderness of Idaho as a young girl, learning techniques of wilderness survival and sheer moxie. Later in life, as a young woman, Jackie became adept in a variety of skills, some of which she displays on stage with the 999 EYES. Whether as an acrobat, karate practitioner, singer/ songwriter, animal trainer, wilderness survival expert, or real estate agent, she excels at what ever trade she wishes to learn. An experienced fighter, she has defeated the savage Texan Leopard Man on numerous occasions. Although he is eager for a grunge match, Jackie has hung up her wrestling career for the moment.

Bored with the jump-through-the-loop antics of college, Jackie joined the ranks of Samantha X and H. Burns' Museum ov "Eye-Live" Mutantstrosities after hearing about the "freak Revolution" on a local commercial free radio broadcast. Secure in the knowledge that she could easily catch up on her studies, she heeded the 999 EYES "freak call-out" for more living human anomalies, and joined our show that very night!

Photo by Rebecca Sikes 2007

Photo by Fernie 2007