Human Blockhead, Fire Eater, Tattooed Woman, and "Pain-Proof" Princess of the Sideshow

Available only by special arrangement

Here we see a bizarre woman, a strange girl. Half girl, and half tiger, she is tattooed from the tip of her head to the tops of her toes with tiger stripes. They say that she is immune to pain from the many tattoos covering her body. Katzen is a world renowned performer who has wowed audiences for years, traveling extensively with many shows, as well as her own tours and performances.

She has trained for years to master the arts of the
sideshow - the Human Blockhead, bed of nails, eating fire, and, of course, tattooing. She bears the tiger stripes all over her body, and has even sprouted whiskers from her cheeks.

Katzen is one of the Human Marvels, amazing people that have heavily modified their bodies to reflect their "inner freak".

Find Katzen on Facebook or hear her roar on her blog. You can also see some of her tattoo artistry here.

Photo by Pierre Jelenc 2004