The Princess of Pearl Power (her stage name in Japan) or Thee Lobster Girl is no longer entertaining audiences with the 999 Eyes, but she is with us in spirit and claw each and every time the troupe attacks a stage.

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From the Depths...
Inside Talker & Curator for the 999 EYES Museum ov Mutantstrosities

When the Lobster Girl emerged from the ocean on the shores of Xenia, Texas in 2004, she was greeted by the carnival's other two founders, Samantha X and D.M. Blackthorn. It was not long before history was made. Lobster Girl was the first bona-fide freak to join the show, thereby laying the basis of the freakshow revival.

Her fabulous hand missing three middle sets of metacarpals and phalanges resembles that of the Lobster People of old. Her magical storytelling abilities bring to life the history of her freakshow predecessors and the voices of the deep. She is assistant curator for the 999 EYES Museum ov Mutantstrosities, as well as an inside talker for the oddities museum.

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Photo by friends of the 999 EYES 2005

Photo by Andrew Shaw 2007