Freak Momma, Inside Talker, Piper, & Freak Historian

The ever-wandering Jewisian, Samantha X is one of the driving forces behind the 999 Eyes. Along with Dylan Blackthorn and Thee Lobster Girl, Samantha created, for those all too often confined to the shadows, a place to shine. Her style combines the forces of Eastern European Jewish music, Yiddish vaudeville and of course, the freakshow!

Samantha plays on a variety of instruments including flute, xylophone, baritone, pennywhistle and jug. Samantha X acts as Inside Talker during our shows and is an expert on the history of the freak show as well as the anatomy and physiology of genetic human anomalies.

Photo by Rebecca Sikes 2007

Photo by Javier Garza 2007