Doctor Sick

With 25 years of violin playing, over 15 years of guitar, and a knowledge of arranging and composition, Doctor Sick is a musical jack of all trades. Using his training in music theory, he's performed as a singer and instrumentalist for 7 years as a full time artist. No day job for this fella. His credits include 2 years as a street musician in New Orleans, 3 years traveling with Austin's own Asylum Street Spankers, and 3 years with Dallas based 3 Redneck Tenors (America's Got Talent). Also a producer of his own Burlesque and Variety shows in Texas and New York, he's a seasoned announcer, gutsy song writer, and calculated wild man on stage. He plays 15 + instruments, mainly violin and guitar with 999, all the while conducting the band, and even occasionally plays assistant to members of the 999 cast in their bizarre routines.

Photo by Gary Quick